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Discover Why VACUFLO® is the Right System for Your Home

Since 1955, VACUFLO® central vacuums have been providing homeowners with whole-house cleaning power and convenience. With many benefits such as patented filtration methods, innovative quick-clean solutions, numerous health benefits resulting in better indoor air quality and is all backed by the industry's most comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Discover why VACUFLO is the right central vacuum for your home and family and how we can help make your life easier...

There are many unique benefits to owning a VACUFLO central vacuum: 

  • Quality Products and a Trusted Name in the Industry Since 1955 
  • Up to 5-times More Powerful Than Portable Vacuums
  • 100% of Vacuumed Dirt, Dust & Allergens Are Removed From Your Living Area
  • Convenient Whole-House Cleaning with One Simple System
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality Allowing Allergy Sufferer's Symptoms to Improve by up to 61%
    -University of California Davis School of Medicine
  • Adds Resale Value to Your Home
  • and More!

Pairing the Power of a Central Vacuum With a Chameleon® Retractable Hose System Creates a Powerhouse Duo of Home Cleaning Convenience!


Vacuuming should be convenient, easy and even a little fun! With the Chameleon Retractable Hose System, it can be all three!